06 4 / 2013

I am embarrassed to show you these pictures. I let Charlotte’s room get to an absolutely shameful state during my pregnancy and Alice’s first months. I just didn’t have the energy to pick up after her or to make her take care of her shit. The result was this:

I don’t even want to talk about this. It’s so horrible. And we all knew it was horrible, but fixing it just seemed too overwhelming.

Yesterday, I decided something had to be done. After all, Charlotte is now a big girl, having moved on up to Preschool, right? So I decided that I would do 5 20/10s yesterday and that I would focus on Charlotte’s room. I spent all of my 20/10s in there, but check it out:

There’s still work to be done. The floor needs to be steam mopped and all of the drawers need to be gone through. But that can wait for another day. I feel pretty confident, though, in declaring this room unfucked.

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